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Current x Prairie Grass

Current x Prairie Grass Relief Pods

Current x Prairie Grass

Current x Prairie Grass Relief Pods

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10 mg/unit


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5g Medical Allotment Deduction
  • Relief Pods from Current x Prairie Grass by Aqualitas are suppositories specially formulated to deliver 10 mg of full-spectrum THC from the well-known Bruce Banner cultivar and designed for vaginal or rectal use. and can be used vaginally or rectally. Suppositories offer a targeted dose of cannabinoids to a localized area that can help facilitate higher absorption rates in the body. Prairie Grass utilizes a pharmaceutical fatty-acid base of strictly vegetable origin. It is amphiphilic (both water-soluble and fat-soluble), meaning that it enhances the bioavailability of the cannabinoids being Suppositories can minimize first-pass metabolism in the liver and reduce gastrointestinal digestion while offering higher absorption rates and bioavailability of ingredients.

    Patients report they offer a targeted dose directly to the pelvis and surrounding region, which may provide both local and systemic effects. Crafted from outdoor, harvest inputs grown and processed on the Prairie Grass farm. Like other prescription medications, dosing cannabis should be done with your primary healthcare provider's careful supervision. Each blister pack contains 5 x 50mg CBD (1.6mg THC) suppositories.

  • Each person's endocannabinoid system is unique; while many don't feel intoxicating effects from insertion, both localized and systemic effects are possible; when using cannabis suppositories for the first time, it is important to do so in a safe environment with no commitments in order to safely gauge how you will react to the product. 

    1. Wash hands well prior to and after insertion. 

    2. Peel back the outer shell of the suppository. 

    3. Get in a standing position with your foot on a chair or lying on your side with your top leg slightly bent towards your stomach. 

    4. For vaginal use, insert suppository approximately 2-3 inches into the vaginal canal using index finger.

    5. For rectal use, it is recommended to empty bowels prior to insertion. If needed, moisten the suppository or rectal area with water prior to insertion. Place the suppository approximately 1 inch into the rectum, past the inner sphincter using an index finger. 

    6. After either insertion method, it is ideal to sit or lie for 15 minutes to allow for suppository to absorb. 

    YouTube video instructions:

Other Extracts
Offering a more direct route for symptom management, nasal sprays and suppositories give patients an alternative to inhaling or ingesting.
Cannabis products labelled as “sativa” may cause less drowsiness than products labelled as “indica”.
THC Dominant
Contains high THC content greater than 15% and may contain CBD

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Questions & Answers

What symptoms can be managed with the use of medical cannabis?

Studies are ongoing to determine the effectiveness of cannabis in managing the symptoms of many conditions. Studies have shown that medical cannabis is commonly used by patients suffering from symptoms of various conditions, including anxiety, pain, inflammation, poor appetite, depression, sleep disorders, nausea, seizures and spasticity (the involuntary, continuous contractions of certain muscles).

How do I choose a medical cannabis product?

Your healthcare provider can help you choose the medical cannabis products that are right for you. If you need assistance, contact us via web chat, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.

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What is a medical document?

A medical document is like a prescription for medical cannabis that a doctor (or in some provinces, nurse practitioner) issues to a patient. This document authorizes you access to purchase medical cannabis. Medical documents can be issued for a maximum period of 12 months, or shorter duration, at the discretion of your health care provider.

What medical cannabis products do you offer?

The Medical Cannabis by Pharmaprix™ platform carries a wide variety of different formats of medical cannabis to suit your unique needs. We are partnered with over 35 licensed producers to offer a large selection of medical cannabis products, including dried flowers, oils, soft gels, vapes, topicals (creams and gels), edibles and concentrates, along with a selection of accessories to help you utilize your medicine effectively.

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