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À propos de Aurora🅫 Cannabis

Aurora🅫 is a pioneer in Canadian and international cannabis cultivation with deep roots in medical cannabis.

Along with its namesake line of medical cannabis products, the Aurora🅫 family of brands include leading Canadian medical brands, CanniMed🅫, Canada’s very first Health-Canada-approved cannabis cultivator, and MedReleaf🅫, named 2017 Licensed Producer of the Year.

Whistler Medical, long known as one of BC’s most respected cannabis growers, is also a subsidiary of Aurora🅫. Aurora🅫 and its family of brands have earned a number of awards for their products, including Top Cannabis Spray (Aurora🅫Oral Spray) and Top Balanced Bottled Oil (MedReleaf🅫 Midnight Oil) from the 2019 Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards.

Produits Aurora🅫

Cannabis Médical de Pharmaprix carries a wide selection of cannabis flower, oils, softgels and oils from the company’s medical cannabis offerings, including the following:

Aurora Cannatonic (Balanced) Cannabis Flower
Aurora Tower CBD Cannabis Flower
Aurora Snow Dome (LA Confidential) Cannabis Flower
Aurora Thor (Ghost Train Haze) Cannabis Flower
Aurora 1:1 Sativa Cannabis Oil Drops
Aurora Indica THC Cannabis Oil Drops
Aurora Sativa THC Cannabis Oil Drops
Aurora CBD Cannabis Oil Drops

Questions et réponses avec le Cannabis Médical de Pharmaprix

1. Where are you located? Why do you work in this community?

Aurora🅫 was born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada, but today the company’s facilities and operations span North America, Europe and South America. Aurora🅫 has a number of industry leading cannabis production facilities in addition to hemp and CBD cultivation assets.

Aurora🅫’s family of Canadian medical brands also include Ontario-based MedReleaf🅫 and  Saskatchewan-based CanniMed🅫. As one of the longest standing family of LPs in Canadian medical cannabis history, Aurora🅫’s mission is to advance patient access globally. Aurora🅫 is dedicated to helping people improve their health, wellness, and overall quality of life. 

2. Why is medical cannabis important to your organization?

Aurora🅫 advocates for medical cannabis treatment being available to all patients who need it, regardless of life circumstances. It is a core part of Aurora’s mission to increase accessibility through affordable options, compassionate programs, and best in class customer support. Aurora knows that the products they make are changing lives for the better.

3. Which awards, certifications, recognitions has your company/brand/individuals in your organization received?

Some of our most notable recent awards include: 

  • Top Cannabis Spray at the 2019 Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards

  • Top Balanced Bottled Oil Midnight (MedReleaf by Aurora™) at the 2019 Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards

4. Which firsts and innovations is your company/brand proud of?

Aurora🅫’s diverse product portfolio has been developed to best serve medical, consumer and wellness markets. Aurora🅫’s dedication to product excellence is showcased in the company’s wide range of modern and convenient, oil, vape and edible products in addition to high quality dried flower.

Innovation has always been a priority at Aurora🅫. Aurora🅫 was proud to be one of the first to market with a wide assortment of ‘Cannabis 2.0’ products, including vapes, gummies, and mints. Aurora🅫 has continued to expand its Cannabis 2.0 assortment, recently introducing cookies, chocolates and PAX Pods as well. 

5. How does your organization show leadership in support for fairness and equality?  

As a company, Aurora🅫 strongly embraces cannabis advocacy and is committed to supporting patient access to medical cannabis products. Social responsibility and robust corporate citizenship are integral to Aurora🅫’s core business and will remain an important part of Aurora🅫’s culture as the company continues to evolve.

6. How do you ensure that your products are safe and high quality for patients? Provide 2-3 specific examples of how you ensure safety/quality.

Aurora🅫 upholds the highest standards for quality and safety, from seed to sale. Aurora🅫’s dedication to product safety is showcased first and foremost in the development and maintenance of our top-of-the-line production facilities. Aurora🅫’s Sky Facility, the world’s largest and most technologically advanced cannabis facility, was purpose built to produce consistent, premium-quality cannabis at scale. All Aurora🅫 products also undergo internal quality testing and are third party lab tested prior to sale.

For non-dried products such as vapes and edibles, Aurora🅫 uses the highest quality materials and ingredients to ensure that their products are consistently dosed and do not include any added fillers or diluting agents. For Aurora🅫’s vape products, this means stainless steel parts, no solder, and a porous ceramic technology in place of a traditional wick. To create Aurora🅫’s wide assortment of THC- and CBD-infused edibles, the company partnered with culinary experts and food scientists to produce delicious and reliably dosed cannabis edibles made with ethically sourced ingredients.

7. What sets your products apart from competitive products and why should this matter to patients and consumers?  

Between Aurora🅫’s four medical brands—Aurora🅫, MedReleaf🅫, CanniMed🅫, and Whistler—Aurora🅫 offers a broad range of product types and price points to meet the needs of all patients.

Each of Aurora🅫’s brands provide a unique offering, from Aurora🅫’s innovative delivery methods to MedReleaf🅫’s strain-specific extracts to Whistler’s premium organic line and CanniMed🅫’s research-backed, highly popular 1:20 CBD Oil. 

Aurora🅫 has a large selection of new Cannabis 2.0 products, and is constantly innovating to bring even more delivery formats to the market.

8. Which of your products have had the most interest from patients and healthcare providers and why? 

Across Aurora🅫’s portfolio of brands, the company offers an extensive selection of CBD products in multiple formats, including dried flower, oils, capsules, oral sprays, vapes and edibles. These products are often extremely sought after by patients and healthcare prescribers looking to start patients on a medical cannabis treatment regimen.

9. What are the growing practices for your flower, and what kind of extraction methods do you use for your formulations?

Aurora🅫 flower is grown at several production facilities across Canada, including a number of indoor facilities as well as at Aurora🅫 Sky, Aurora🅫’s sun-powered hybrid greenhouse facility.

Aurora🅫 utilizes supercritical CO2 extraction for Aurora🅫 and MedReleaf by Aurora™ oils and capsules. CanniMed by Aurora™ oils and capsules are extracted via ethanol extraction.

10. Tell us about any collaborations you have been (or currently are part of) with researchers, clinicians, scientists to help advance cannabis medical research.

Aurora🅫’s approach to product development is rooted in science, research, and innovation. Aurora🅫 has 40 scientific studies and publications that are completed or underway, including randomized clinical trials, observation studies and case studies. 

Many of these studies are conducted in partnership with academic research institutions around the world. Aurora🅫 leverages the company’s cannabis science expertise to cultivate new and unique strains, helping them stay ahead of evolving consumer demands. 

11. Have any collaborations lead to published research? If so, please tell us the names of the articles published for reference.

CanniMed🅫‘s partnership with Royal University Hospital and the University of Saskatchewan resulted in the publication of research that showed that CanniMed🅫 Oil 1:20 reduces seizures in children with severe epilepsy. 

Study details: 

12. What ongoing studies are you participating in?

Two of our studies currently in progress are:

  • Adult Epilepsy; partnering with: 

    • Ontario Brain Institute

    • University of Toronto

    • University Health Network

    • London Health Sciences Centre

  • Cancer pain management; partnering with:

    • Juravinski Cancer Centre

    • Ontario Clinical Oncology Group

    • Hamilton Health Sciences

13. Tell us about any work you have done in the past (or are currently involved in) working directly with patients and patient or ailment-related communities.

Aurora🅫 is a vehement supporter of patient communities and have made it our mission to increase access to medical cannabis through affordable options and product formats that work for all patients’ needs. 

Aurora🅫 is a proud supporter of our Canadian veterans and a strong advocate for CFAMM’s #DontTaxMedicine campaign.