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À propos de CanniMed🅫

CanniMed🅫 is one of several LPs owned by Aurora🅫, and claims the honour of being the first Licensed Producer in Canada. The cannabis cultivator has been producing legal medical cannabis longer than any other Canadian company—nearly 20 years.

While many other Licensed Producers focus on both the recreational and medical markets, CanniMed🅫 produces products exclusively for the Canadian medical market.

The company’s vision is to help people with chronic and terminal illnesses improve their quality of life.

Unlike its sister company MedReleaf🅫 (also owned by Aurora🅫), which focuses on strain-specific products, CanniMed🅫 takes a non-strain specific approach. Dried flower from CanniMed🅫 is milled to create a homogenous product for greater consistency of dosage. CanniMed🅫 milled flower products are conveniently ready-to-use.  

For medical cannabis patients and their healthcare providers, medication consistency is critical, and CanniMed🅫 has developed their product formulas with this in mind so that patients can be confident in the levels of CBD and THC they are receiving in each dose.

Produits CanniMed🅫

Cannabis Médical de Pharmaprix is proud to carry a selection of CanniMed’s most popular products, trusted by patients and healthcare providers for many years. These products include:

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